ds spiele

The Nintendo DS Lite( DS Spiele ) is an extremely innovative console and has superb interactivity facilitated with the help of the touch screen and a microphone which make it a very attractive and alluring portable gaming platform.

The DS Lite,DS Spiele comes with dual screen and an impeccable touch screen technology that gives you an amazing gaming experience. It gives one an extremely enthralling interaction with the games. The real time multi-player game-play adds excitement and thrill to the fun filled gaming. This amazing gaming device is compact and stylish; it comes in dimensions of 133 x 73.9 x 21.5mm and weighs only 218 grams. So now you can play with style.

The wireless communication facility enables one to experience real-time gaming, the free Nintendo Wi-Fi connection helps you to compete with different players across the world and have an exciting gaming experience.

It has two screens with a bright LCD display that provides one with the most advanced gaming features. Each screen is 3 inch wide and generates a real 3 dimensional view with extremely impressing renderings to give one a never-seen-before gaming experience.

If you intend to beat the gamers around the world and exhibit your dynamism, just connect with the Nintendo wi-fi wireless connection and communicate with Nintendo users spread across the planet. You can chat and play all those thrilling games absolutely free without paying any subscription charges.

The touch screen gives you a great capability to play the games with optimum ease, which was not earlier seen in any dedicated gaming device. Now you need not depend upon the buttons to shift perspective or move the character. It makes navigation easy through menus, which can be accessed comfortably with a touch screen using a stylus or one’s fingers.

Its efficient battery provides one with hours of uninterrupted gaming (up to 15 to 19 hours in lower brightness settings and 5-8 hours on the highest brightness settings). With the Nintendo DS Lite, one can easily connect with up to 16 players on the local wireless network. The range of wireless network is from 30 to 100 feet and the best feature is that this multi-player needs just one game card. With so many features, the Nintendo DS Lite will truly enthrall gaming lovers around the world with its innovative gaming.

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